We are so pleased that you have made plans for and are in the process of recruiting a team and preparing for a trip to the hospital.

As you process your team, we want to work with you to make the administration of your trip as easy and seamless as possible.

1) Your first responsibility is to submit the “Team Leader Commitment Form.”

This information will allow the hospital to make the needed arrangements for your team, from transportation to food to lodging, advertising and staffing, etc. This form will officially mark your dates on the hospital team calendar. Until we have this form, you will not be officially scheduled.

The receipt of the Team Leader Commitment form will be acknowledged so that you know you can start instructions to your team members as well as making the other plans necessary for your trip.

If your dates change after you have submitted this form you must let me know immediately:

Plans for your housing, food and transportation all rely upon this information and if it is not accurate, there are BIG problems!

2) Team Charts from Health Caring Services (HCS) administration – As your team applies and sends in their required documents, including passports, physician documents, payments and itineraries, this will all be noted on your team chart by the HCS team administrator. – Periodically or upon your request, the HCS team administrator will send this chart to the team leader or designated team administrator so as to update you as to how their team members are doing with getting their information to HCS. – As your team closing dates draw closer, the HCS team administrator will send this information to you more frequently so that your closing dates can be met. – Communication between the team leader and the HCS team administrator is critical and if there are items that are not accurate on the team chart, please contact the HCS team administrator for correction.

3) Once you have submitted the Team Leader Commitment form, and are officially scheduled and on the hospital calendar, please start with the Team Leader Manual (revised 3/2015) which is found by clicking the “Team Leader Manual” box.

– Even if you are an experienced team leader, we request that you read the manual annually as it gets revised and there are new procedures that have been established.

– If you are not administrating the team yourself, make sure your team administrator receives a copy of the team leader manual as well.

– Please read everything carefully as we have attempted to include all that will help you with team management and planning.

– If you use the Team Leader Manual, many questions will be answered and many issues resolved and/or averted. It’s there to help make your trip a success.

– The Team Manual (revised 3/2015) is also an invaluable resource for team leaders and those who are helping them administer your team. Again, make use of this resource.

If at any time you have questions, please contact me. I am here to support you as you prepare to serve in Sula. This is my privilege.

Blessings and thank you for serving in our beloved Honduras, Jill Wilson

Team Leader Application Form

This form will provide us with specifics about your team’s needs. Please fill it out completely and remember to notify us immediately if there are changes in dates or any of the information provided.
  • Contact for Team

  • Team's Arrival Date

  • Preparation team includes any team members arriving prior to the primary working team’s arrival. Preparation team members should arrive all on the same day

  • Please enter a value between 0 and 200.
  • Team members should all arrive in Honduras on the same day

  • Please enter a value between 0 and 100.
  • Dates that the team will be working at the hospital

  • These exact dates will be used for clinic, OR and office staffing and advertising for your team; these are the days that the patients will come to the hospital. They must be accurate.

  • Team members should depart from the hospital on the same day

  • Team Leader’s Commitment to the team closing dates

  • I understand that there will be team closing dates that must be observed in order to make the necessary arrangements at the hospital. All team members must have all of their forms, payments, documents and itineraries submitted 4 weeks prior to departure to Honduras. All doctors must have required documents submitted 8 weeks prior to departure to Honduras. I also understand that if a team member does not complete the application, payment and submission of the requested documents and itinerary by the closing date, that team member will be dropped from the team roster, even if plane tickets have been purchased or other expenses were incurred.These will remain the team member's liabilities. As team leader, I will take the responsibility to communicate this information to the team members.

  • Team Leader’s Commitment to Pumping for Life Lifestyle Statement

  • Health Caring Ministries is a Christian organization as is Hospital Centro Socorro De Lo Alto. Hondurans view alcohol consumption, cursing, smoking and drug use, as well as unmarried couples rooming together, as non-Christian behaviors. In light of our desired witness in the community, HCS asks you to refrain from alcohol, smoking, cursing and drug use on or off the hospital campus while working with the hospital, as well as other behaviors that might prove offensive to our hosts and compromising to the expressed Christian beliefs of HCS and Hospital Centro Socorro de Lo Alto. Please help us respect the Hondurans and protect the ministry of HCS and the hospital. As Team Leader, I understand that I bear the greatest responsibility to uphold the lifestyle statement for Health Caring Ministries and Hospital Centro Socorro de Lo Alto.

  • Please also indicate on the line provided the name of the person who is "signing" this agreement. It should be agreed to by the team leader and not the one administrating the team if that is a different person.